Saul Elkin


Andrew Livingston

Saul Elkin is cast as Andrew Livingston in Nicholas of Myra. Livingston’s character (along with Vincent O’Neill’s role as Dr. Clement Moore) helps to provide the nineteenth-century “bookends” for the storyline--connecting the fourth-century story of Nicholas to more modern times. In the film, Livingston is the kindly philanthropic procurator of the St. Nicholas Orphanage who acts as the “courier” of the Nicholas legend.

Saul’s acting education began at age seven in a small New York City theater school for Jewish children where Maurice Schwartz (founder of the Yiddish Art Theater) gave him the lead role in his very first play. Growing up in NYC he worked as an actor and director for the stage and television, and his credits include work on film, over 250 Broadway performances (off and on), Edge of Night (a soap opera in which he played a doctor), and regional and seasonal theater companies. Saul’s education in Theater continued with a B.A. and Master of Fine Arts in Theater and a Ph. D from Carnegie-Mellon University. In the late 1960’s he became an instructor and Chairman of the Theater Department at the University at Buffalo. He is also known for founding Shakespeare in Delaware Park in 1979 (for its 2008 production of King Lear, he played the lead role alongside his daughter cast as Cordelia).

His awards and recognitions include the “Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching,” “Distinguished Service Professor,” and in 1998 he was given the “Outstanding Individual Artist of the Year” award for performances in several Western New York theater companies, as well as for his continued work and direction with Shakespeare in Delaware Park. In 2003 he co-founded the Jewish Repertory Theater with David Bunis and is now the artistic director of the company. His academic career as professor has continued alongside his acting and directing for Shakespeare in Delaware Park, The Jewish Repertory Theater, and theater companies throughout the Buffalo area. All of these accomplishments made Saul a perfect choice for the role of Andrew Livingston in Nicholas of Myra.