David King

Production Design

A Production Designer for Nicholas of Myra, David King’s essential services for the film have included model building, as well as sets and film prop construction.

Most notable among his contributions was the full-size Greco-Roman sailing ship which had to be created from scratch. The scene featuring the storm-tossed “corbita” is one of the most visually impressive moments in the film. The building of an authentic replica of the ship, and the mechanical system required to replicate naturalistic motion, was both a daunting challenge and an impressive accomplishment. David also crafted a smaller fully-functional version used for some shots -- built quarter-size to avoid the shortcomings of film history’s early attempts to depict ships at sea using scale models too small to match natural waves.

David can be seen discussing these aspects of the production in the upcoming Nicholas of Myra mini-documentary The Patron Saint of Sailors (Part 1).