Gerald Hartke

Writer & Director

Early success with a national award winning video put Gerald on the path to a career in filmmaking -- judges were impressed with his use of sound design, editing, and other visual effects as well as his “true understanding of action sequences.” All these talents and more would be needed in the future for an artistic endeavor far greater in importance and ambition.

Since conceiving and developing the idea for an epic feature film on the life and legacy of the man known as Saint Nicholas, writer/director Gerald Hartke has shouldered the many responsibilities inherent in creating an independent film of the scope and quality of Nicholas of Myra. His authorship of the screenplay and directorial duties are most obvious among his credits. However, ably assisted by cast and crew members fully committed to the project, “Jerry” has been directly involved in nearly all phases of the process, creative and technical, as well as the business aspect of moviemaking.

From his inspiring speech given to prospective film investors in December of 2005, to the daily realities of producing and financing an independent feature, as well as the creative yet painstaking duties of editing, sound design, and effects work -- he maintains passion for his subject. Whether working on the set or off, in cinematography or production design, at the studio or on location -- his behind-the-scenes contributions become visible via the impact they have on screen, and in this sense, Gerald appears throughout Nicholas of Myra. The film born of all these efforts seeks to reveal the heart of St. Nicholas, and in so doing, it also surely reflects the heart of Gerald Hartke.