New Website Launches Today For Film Market


After an extensive and continuing post-production schedule to date, the producers of Nicholas of Myra: The Story of Saint Nicholas -- The Legend Begins have unveiled their new official website in preparation for completion and marketing of the film.

"While the film has already garnered interest from distributors, the new website is intended to raise awareness with all of the major studios," said Hartke. "Now that we're getting close to being able to show a completed film, we want to begin understanding what are best prospects are for distribution."

Hartke believes the independent film has potential to become a true holiday classic. "Hollywood didn't want to tell this story," he stated. "But I hope that once studios see what we've done with the story and the production value we've incorporated, they'll agree that there's no limit to the audience reach this film could have worldwide."

Look for the all new Producer's Blog to launch on the official website in September.

NOM Entertainment Group & Partners Hold First "St. Nick's Holiday Mission"


IN THE SPIRIT OF ONE MAN, A TRADITION OF GENEROSITY IS REBORN! Old St. Nick himself was on a special mission of charity across the U.S. on December 6th (The Feast Day of St. Nicholas), surprising hundreds of disadvantaged and underprivileged children in more than a dozen cities! The goal of this year’s St. Nick’s Holiday Mission is to help disadvantaged and underprivileged children across the country, while passing on the tradition of old St. Nick’s legendary generosity to the youth of today.

NOM Entertainment Group and Official Sponsors, Victory Sports Global OutreachThe OSC Charitable FoundationThe James D. Rielly Foundation, as well as The Salvation Army, other organizations and individual volunteers, assembled a special wish list this year from children’s charities around the country and St. Nick offered to make a special trip on December 6 to fulfill those wishes. The wishes came from kids of all ages who are in some way faced with limitations. Many of the youth are without families, or their families are confronted with economic challenges, but the children would still like to participate in community and recreational activities and need help to do so. St. Nick’s Holiday Mission delivered needed cheer for them this holiday season.

As an Official Partner, NOM Entertainment Group coordinated and managed St. Nick’s Holiday Mission, as well as produced a wide range of web features, news media and video content to promote the charity event. NOM Entertainment Group is a transmedia company with the mission of developing, producing and marketing inspirational family entertainment that encompasses books, music, animation and two upcoming live‐action film epics -- chronicling the life, lore and legacy of the the original St. Nick, the historical St. Nicholas of Myra.  Their goal is to create positive entertainment that embodies the true spirit of St. Nick, while utilizing his story to help establish charitable platforms for children’s causes around the world.

To learn more about St. Nick’s Holiday Mission, and the other organizations and individuals involved, visit

"Nicholas Of Myra" First Indie Feature To Capture Digital IMAX-Equivalent Footage


"Using a propreitary process I'd developed, our production was the first to capture 4K / Ultra - HD digital images when the films were in pre-production back in 2004," stated Nicholas of Myra Writer-Director Gerald Hartke. "That was a few years before the revolutionary RED camera came around and its followers."

Advacements in technology now allow Hartke to take his process several steps further. "I'm proud to say that we are now the first independent production to digitally capture IMAX-equivalent motion-picture imagery at 12K resolution, using the same proprietary process as before." Hartke hopes it will give Nicholas of Myra: The Story Of Saint Nicholas -- The Legend Begins, and its sequel, even more appeal to distributors. "Only 70mm IMAX film has been able to capture that much resolution to date."

Expect to see your first look at the IMAX - equivalent images to appear here in July!

Financiers Form NOM Entertainment Group, LLC To Finish Epic Production


After compelling test screenings of completed segments and more than a year of listening to enthusiastic fans and followers petitioning for a release, the creative team behind the epic films Nicholas of Myra: The Story Of Saint Nicholas -- The Legend Begins and Nicholas of Myra: The Story Of Saint Nicholas -- The Legend Continues, have announced the launch of their new trans-media company, NOM Entertainment Group, LLC. The company aims to complete the first film soon with a release to be scheduled for 2018, followed by plans for the completion and release of the sequel in 2019.

"We believe we have something very special here and have weathered several storms, figurative and literal, to see this through for the audience," stated Writer-Director Gerald Hartke. "We spent the last year and a half demonstarting to industry associates and potential distributors there is interest in our films and that provided us the present opportunity to finish the first film in the saga."