Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes

Nicholas of Myra

Matthew Mesler

Film and television actor Matthew Mesler stars as the legendary Fourth Century saint named Nicholas. After being featured in the role of James Lowell on the television series Dawson’s Creek and numerous other independent film roles, Matthew received critical praise for his starring role in the short film Tiny Magic that aired on PBS.

His engaging performance was the deciding factor for Nicholas of Myra Writer and Director Jerry Hartke, who immediately offered Matthew the role of Nicholas. “Of all of the main characters in the film, I had yet to cast the title role and we had already begun second-unit photography,” said Hartke. “It had been a six month search, and I began to doubt whether I’d be able to find a Western New York actor who would be everything I’d hoped for in the iconic role.”

It was then that someone insisted the Director take a look at a 2003 short film that had been produced in Western New York. “People were aware that I wanted a Mediterranean look for the part of Nicholas,” Hartke said. "Still, it was suggested that I consider the lead actor from the film Tiny Magic and that he would be willing to transform his appearance for the role of Nicholas. So I watched the film. It was three days before Christmas and roughly three years since I began writing the story... I had finally found Saint Nicholas of Myra.”