as Nicholas of Myra


Film and television actor Matthew Mesler stars as the legendary saint and gift-giver, Nicholas of Myra. After appearing on the popular Warner Brothers television series, Dawson's Creek, and other independent film projects, Matthew received critical praise for his starring role in the short film Tiny Magic that aired on PBS. At the same time, Nicholas of Myra Writer-Director Gerald Hartke was looking to cast the principle roles in his film with extremely talented fresh faces. He believed that foregoing recognizable actors would enhance the experience of seeing a never-before-told story for a movie-going audience.


Having auditioned several individuals for the role, Hartke saw Mesler's performance in Tiny Magic and decided that he didn't need to consider anymore possibilties. He felt as th0ugh he had found his Nicholas and immediately offered the role to Matthew. "There I was, being given the role of a lifetime," stated Mesler. "I'm extremely blessed, it really is a huge responsibility that I take very seriously." In addition to the upcoming Nicholas of Myra films, Matthew can be seen in a Universal Pictures film that was released this past summer, as well as an NBC-Universal television show slated for release in 2019.