In New York, December 1822, Dr. Clement Clarke Moore, a professor of world literature, is inspired to pen a holiday poem for his young children. Influenced by the folklore of Old World culture, Moore crafts his whimsical piece into a magical tale about a kind and generous gift-bearer that secretly visits homes on Christmas Eve, delivering joy to children around the world.


It is while musing about this seemingly mythical character that Moore first learns of the ancient legend of a giftgiver from the Greco-Roman Era; one that he comes to believe may be the origin of all the similar fables throughout the world. What he finds is a story that ironically would later be lost to the lore he was about to immortalize. He soon discovers the surprising tale of a mighty empire at a crossroads in history and an orphan boy named Nicholas -- who one day, in the face of terrible greed and persecution -- would prove that not every hero swings a sword.


It is the story of Christmas origins, the story of selflessness and sacrifice, yet ultimately, it is about the power of storytelling and the hope it can bring. It is the now forgotten tale of a legendary saint named Nicholas... Nicholas of Myra.